Garlic A-Growing

We’ve got garlic coming up, green onions galore, and recently we had two beds fill up from one of our alumni who are using the beds as community garden beds. Looks like they put some kale, salad greens and lettuce seedlings into their beds.



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Meeting with Forest City Food Not Lawns

Food Not Lawns

Had a great and delicious meeting with Forest City Food Not Lawns working group. This group is dedicated to raising awareness about food sustainability, growing your own food and creating communities. Gardens are a great way to bring people together of all different skill sets and levels, engage them in an active process where they learn just how hard it can be to grow food, and have them appreciate where there food comes from. It creates reciprocal relations with the earth, and teaches us the importance of food security. With 2012 being the hottest year on record by a landslide, food security is extremely significant to millions. Droughts and floods destroy crops worldwide, and with a globalized food system this is a problem for everyone.

Food Not Lawns comes from the idea spawned by Heather Flores in her book :

We discussed possible London events to attend such as Seedy Saturday, Gathering on the Green, L.O.O.K. Ecofest and Car Free Sundays. Aimed at getting the community of London engaged and aware of food supplies, and how many great people and resources are available for Londoners to make a change in their eating, growing, purchasing and neighbourhood habits.

Discussed workshop ideas such as: Garden designs, seed buying parties, making your own wickering beds, starting your seedlings and the King’s Herb Spiral (Late March). We also discussed the idea of having a contest where the winner would get a vegetable garden designed for their front/backyard, and have volunteer build the beds if needed.

Isn’t this exciting?!?!? There was also a  potluck social, where we ate delicious local, organic and healthy food such as soups, homemade salsa and bruschetta, red quinoa, lentils, bean salads, mango chutney spreads……mmmmmmmmmm…..

Follow the Forest City Food Not Lawns at their blog here;



And soon to have a website!

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A Little GMO vs anti-GMO Debte

A friend of mine posted this video

 of Mark Lynas, a former anti-GM advocate espousing reason as to why he was wrong, and how GMO’s are good for a population heavy planet.

I watched, made comments, then threw in some Vandana Shiva( for good measure. Mark makes the point about the necessity of feeding a 7 billion population requires GMO, but in my mind, that is only if we are unwilling to change the food economy we currently have. If we continue a globalized industrial food system, well GMO crops do seem to make sense. But if we change our food systems to localized, community lead, then what component do GMO play in that case? Are they necessary, will they cause harm, can we afford them from multi-national agribusinesses?

Just wondering what you lovely folks thought?

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Universities with Gardens

McMasters’ OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) group has a large community garden up and running, with 75 plots to purchase! Much more sustainable and fruit/veggieful with more people involved in the maintenance and running of the site.Image Check out their work here:

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Houses and Gardens that are Sustainable

When I retire, I want to live in a beautiful, small, cosy Earthship. What’s an Earthship you ask? Well it’s a home that takes care of you, instead of the other way around. It is built with rammed- earth tires, recycled pop cans and bottles, cement and wood. It recycles water through a grey water system, where it catches rain water that goes to your taps, then toilets, the gardens then sewage. It has a green room in the front, where you can enjoy produce and plants all year long. Adaptable to any climate.

Don’t have that kind of coin? Well there are some more options for you, as long as you get creative! You can build your own home for around $5,000! Kind of looks like a Hobbit House, but who wouldn’t want to live in one? I would definitely have one of those circular doors too.

Both these houses share something in common. They encourage humans to be proactive about their housing conditions and adopt a style of living that is aligned with the earth’s systems. The Earthship creates an indoor and outdoor garden, where occupants can plant to their hearts desire and feed their families with fresh, nutritious vegetables and plants. They are also incredibly beautiful, reduce environmental costs and impacts and are either as expensive, or cheaper than the average house. Image

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Gardening around your home

I’ve had a love affair with this blog for the past year and a half and it’s still going strong. It’s about a family who live in the KW area, on a 1/3 of an acre, and maintain a small urban farm. They have chickens and herbs and berries, oh my! The idea of a Little City Farm appeals so greatly to me because they are providing for their family from the earth they own, and make some money by selling their produce, workshops and use their house as a B&B. 

Check out their blog and website to see how amazing and cute sustainability can be.

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King’s Future Herb Spiral

King's Future Herb Spiral

This is the herbs that will be planted in the herb spiral in 2013!

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